The Creative Process

Not everyone’s needs are the same when it comes to projects; each one is unique. This is why we offer custom, tailored to suit your needs proposals. Our firm utilizes our standard studio policies, which are required with each project. This is to ensure the entire design process runs more fluidly, enabling a polished final project (with fewer hiccups).

Here’s how our process will go:

The initial consultation is an intimate one-on-one meeting with one of our designers. Our designer will gather pertinent information about your company, services/products, challenges/goals, and needs. This one-on-one meeting will set the stage for your project. Glad2Design will then be able to assess your needs and offer you options within your budget. Our initial consultation takes generally 15 minutes up to on hour. This is at no cost to you, or are you obligated to do business with us. This meeting will determine if we Glad2Design, and you the customer can work together in a win-win situation. We pride ourselves on our client’s success as well as our own.

Glad2Design understands choosing a design firm is an important decision to make. Please review our commitment to our clients for more information. We recommend you choose a design firm which suits your needs best but who is not the cheapest. Please read why here… If we decide to do business together, our designer will move onto the next phase of the consultation; your design blueprint.

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