Our Commitment

Glad2Design’s team commits itself to every project we take on. Our designers pride themselves in their work! Each project is unique and important to us. No matter what type of project you need, print or web, we are devoted to you!

The design process includes our studio policies that are in place to ensure projects go as smoothly as possible from conceptualization to final product. We understand from time-to-time projects may have “hiccups”. For example, client deliverables may not have been received. Glad2Design will do all we can to continue the design process as far as we can. Client deliverables are mandatory, so there will come a stopping point until they are received. We will do all we can in the “waiting period”.

Each design project Glad2Design has is designed and customized for each individual client. Here at Glad2Design, we are interested in developing professional long-term relationships with all our clients! We strive to give outstanding customer service. Our designers understand the technicalities of both print and web graphic development. Glad2Design’s niche is “your one-stop-shop” for both print and web services. Offering both sides of design development is extremely beneficial for our clients. The headache of file transfers from a print to web company (and vise versa) plus possible additional fees associated with that are avoidable for clients who chose Glad2Design! We provide both print and web services for our clients so they don’t have the stress communicating with different companies, gathering files, sending files, and all that mess. Our team takes the stress of file transfers out of the loop! Glad2Design understands clients need both print and web services. As we’re committed to providing exceptional customer service, we are proud to be your all-inclusive design team! On top of print and web services, we also provide technical support.

Our designers suggest the most beneficial course of action for our clients. As we also pride ourselves on our client’s success!!! Each project is approached with our proven design process and our ideas are “out of the box”. As we have stated, we are not the cheapest design firm, but we’re also not as expensive as an ad agency. Our services are professional and we are a “two-in-one” firm; offering both print and web services. Most design companies offer one or the other. Our clients benefit from Glad2Design as your inclusive partner for all your design needs. Glad2Design is committed to our clients and we stand by our work. We pride ourselves ever more when our clients succeed and grow! Review what some of our clients are saying in our testimonials!

Glad2Design’s office is not open 24/7, but we do accept emails 24/7. You may also fill out our contact form and someone from our design team will respond as soon as possible!

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